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As a Former Pro-Life Leader How DARE You Support Pro-Choice Obama?

Being self employed means that I sleep until my eyes open on their own. Rarely do I wake up to the sounds of an alarm. I’ve gotta tell you, it’s heavenly. I have a morning ritual of sorts: I grab my iPhone and check my email almost immediately after waking up. Once that has been accomplished, I browse the mobile versions of various news sites to see if any major news stories have arisen, then I’ll sometimes login to the mobile versions of MySpace or Facebook depending on whether or not I’ve received any new messages or friends requests.

This morning was no different.  In my inbox I received notice that a high school friend added me on Facebook, so I logged in to check out her profile and to see what she’s been up to. After reading her profile, I noticed an article posted by another Facebook “friend”: THIS ARTICLE, written by Frank Schaeffer, an Evangelist’s son who grew up in a strict fundamentalist household, just like I did.

But here’s the reason I changed my plans to walk the Sacramento River Trail this morning and to instead spend time writing this blog post: Frank and his family helped establish the Pro-Life Movement yet Frank, as he wrote in this article back in February, is both Pro-Life and Pro-Obama.  I just had to blog about his writings.

Many of the things he wrote in this article could just as easily have been written by me.  In fact, I’ve said some of the same things right here in this blog.  Here are a few lines I identified with:

As you know I was a lifelong Republican until I reregistered as an Independent in 2006, after I just couldn’t take the Rove brigade’s dirty tricks, lies and slime any longer.

Funny, cause I have been a Republican since I was old enough to vote, yet just a few weeks ago re-registered as an Independent because I’m disgusted by some of the things Republicans have been doing to this country, and the world,  and no longer want to belong to the party of the Good Ol’ Boys.

I know rather a lot about the politics of the “life issues.” And I know you know that is true because you are calling me a traitor for supporting Senator Obama because of my leadership in the early stages of the pro-life movement.

I received an email that let me know I was likely not truly a Christian if I could even consider voting for Barack Obama.  True story.

I know (as you pro-lifers do if you’re honest) that the Republicans have milked the abortion issue, as have the Evangelical and Roman Catholic leadership, for every dime it’s worth for fundraising, votes, power and empire-building, without changing much if anything. As I said, I also am fully aware that Senator Obama is pro-choice. I think his pro-choice views are out of character with his otherwise generous and enlightened world view.

That first line… AMEN, Brother Frank!  I’ve said nearly the same things here.  I think mine have always been worded more like this:  Republicans use the abortion issue to gain the Christian vote, and then forget about abortion until it’s time to run for re-election.

That said… First, a nod to reality: even if Roe were reversed (it won’t be no matter who is president) the abortion pill and the acceptance of at least some types of legal abortion by most Americans guarantees there will be access to abortion. Besides, on a state-by-state basis abortion would remain legal in most states no matter what the court does. And as we have seen the Republicans haven’t really changed anything in thirty years.

Again, haven’t we talked about these same things right here in this blog?  Roe-v-Wade will not be reversed, no matter who is President.  I’ve said that numerous times, but I think the point is best summed up by the comments of one of my readers, who wrote:

Anyone who votes Republican with the belief that GOP appointments to the SC will overturn Roe v. Wade should read about Stare Decisis. It is one of the principles that the Court views as a foundation for all decisions. Almost every Federal Judge (on the Supreme Court and Appellate Courts) clearly and unequivocally rejects the notion that the Supreme Court would EVER revisit a previous case and rule the opposite way. This would delegitimate all prior Court decisions and make any other opinion up for grabs if the justices change. The Court is supposed to be apolitical (the reason for lifetime appointments) and as such if it allowed decisions to be switched because of new appointments to the bench it would serve to politicize (to an even greater degree) the Court.

Frank states the following:

So what do we who find abortion abhorrent do if we want to deal in reality rather than fantasies and slogans of winner-take-all propaganda? The reality is that we need to foster a climate in which we can reduce the number of abortions and also keep the moral — rather than legal — debate alive.

We can’t do this by concentrating on politics, or silver bullets such as trying for that one magic court appointment. It’s the “holistic” approach that is really what’s important if our goal is to reduce the number of abortions rather than just “win” political games.

How many times have YOU heard someone talk about the “Supreme Court Justice” the next Conservative President will appoint?  You know, that magical Justice who will somehow tip the scales and remove Roe-v-wade from before our eyes?  Never mind the fact that Republican appointed Justices, as I’ve pointed out a few times, currently occupy 7 out of the 9 seats.  Never mind the fact that Republican appointed Justices made Roe v Wade a reality to begin with.  Yet, as Frank points out, the Republicans haven’t really changed things on the topic of abortion in 30 years.  And they won’t do so after this election, either!

I enjoyed this paragraph as well:

For all you sanctimonious Evangelicals out there, also note: when it comes to squeaky clean family values, Senator Obama — not Senator McCain — should be your role model. The Republican right wants us to draw back in horror from Obama because he is pro-choice, but this is the same group working to get a philanderer who abandoned his wife because she had a disfiguring accident, elected.

Have you read the stories about this?  I’ve read quite a few of them, from many different view points, but haven’t really said too much about it here on this blog.  Things are already stirred up amongst readers, because so many Christians still buy into the idea that real Christians must vote for the Republican Party.  Please do yourself a favor… find all the information you can about this topic.  Yes, John McCain is a war hero.  But he returned from that war to a wife who had been disfigured by an auto accident while he was gone, and he immediately began cheating on her, eventually leaving her for his current wife.

Frank Schaeffer sums up the reasons I plan to vote for Barack Obama with the first two sentences of this paragraph:

It isn’t just a matter of voting for Obama. Americans who want there to be a country left in which to argue our issues must vote against McCain. As his support for the Bush lies about Iraq shows McCain is hung up on his own version of post-Vietnam traumatic stress disorder. This is a man who would take our civilian culture down in flames and sacrifice it to his sense of death-or-glory military “honor.” How do you “win” a wrong war? McCain will make the world more dangerous. You think Bush was a cowboy? Just try McCain.

I’m NOT a Democrat.  I’m voting AGAINST McCain.  Barack Obama is simply the better of the two viable candidates we’ve been offered this election year.  What can we do to bring a third party into real contention?  Any ideas?  (or how about if all of us Christians write in a candidate, like Billy Graham for instance – tee hee).

The contrast could not have been more clear than on August 16 in the interview between pastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback Church and Obama and McCain. Obama gave real and thoughtful answers, often trying to explore a moral question deeply. McCain offered nothing more than canned applause lines and anecdotes from his tired simplistic stump speech.

McCain fed pre-programed red meat to the Evangelical faithful who were packing the auditorium, but not much more. He parroted all the “right” lines about abortion, the same empty phrases Bush, parrots, Bush’s father parroted and Reagan and Ford parroted.

“When does life begin?” asked Warren. “At conception!” shot back McCain. The Evangelical crowd goes wild! See?! That’s our guy!

And where do the tired canned pro-life “correct answers” get us? Nowhere.

I agree.  100%.

I will be voting for Senator Obama and am fighting for his election because I am pro-life.

Me too, Frank.  Meeeeee tooooooo.

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My Friend David Talked Some Sense Into Me

My friend David is a die-hard Republican. He has been quite distressed about my public declaration that I intend to vote for Barack Obama in November. After trying many different methods to make me “see the light”, he took the time today to write out an email, appealing to pure logic and reason.

His email was entitled:

A Logical Analysis

Here is what he wrote:

Okay, Donny, let’s work this out logically without a lot of emotion.

If you vote for Obama….

You get this…..

But if you vote for McCain….

You get this…

I don’t know about you, but looking at this in a logical manner, McCain appears to be the better candidate.


Well, now that it’s been put to me that way, how do I argue with his logic?


On Politics: Go Shane Claiborne! (Why the Republican Party Does Not Have a Lock on the Young Christian Vote)

After reading this post be sure to read the discussion going on down in the comments area…

Shane Claiborne on CNN.comI was first “introduced” to Shane Claiborne a little over a year ago when Nathan Edwardson, the (very young) Lead Pastor of The Stirring in Redding, California gave me a copy of Shane’s book The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical. Shane’s book made me think about things I’ve never before considered from a Christian perspective. is one of the websites I read on a daily basis. Today Shane was on the front page as one of the site’s lead stories. Beneath Shane’s photograph was the headline Young Evangelicals not a lock for Republicans. Much to the chagrin of many of my Constant Readers, my heart felt great joy when reading that headline. Why? Because it is my opinion that the Republican Party is very far away from being a Party that Jesus would have endorsed. Not that I think the Democrats would fare a whole lot better, but as I’ve stated before, I personally have more respect for a person who is honest with me about issues that he knows I don’t agree with than one who deceives me by pretending to feel the same way I do just to get my vote.

Prime example: Republicans legalized abortion, yet receive a lot of the Christian vote by claiming to be against it and then doing practically nothing about it once in office (FYI: 7 of 9 current Supreme Court Justices are Republican appointed yet still do nothing about the issue so what makes anyone think yet another Republican administration will change anything?).

Our current Presidential Administration really opened my eyes. While I’m still registered as a Republican, and have been since turning 18 and receiving my right to vote, I’ll likely follow the example I set for myself during the 2004 Presidential election by NOT voting Republican this coming November. Should Senator McCain choose a very strong running mate I might change my mind, but as of now I’m strongly favoring Barack Obama.

I particularly like this quote from the article:

But these voters say views on abortion and homosexuality won’t define them in November. The environment and social justice are moving to the forefront of their discussions.

Yes! I totally agree with that sentiment! I’m not saying topics such as abortion are not important, because they are very important , but I really wish more Christians would wake up to the fact that Republican candidates should not automatically receive their vote based on these topics. As mentioned before, the Elephants have a record of being deceptive about such issues (again: Republicans, not Democrats, made abortion legal to begin with) and there are definitely better ways of spending our tax dollars than taking over a country for its oil a long, drawn out, needless war.

I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. Read this CNN article and let me know what you think about it, and your general feelings on the upcoming election. The can of worms has been opened!