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Taking The Long Route

Walking from my mother’s house to church takes 45 minutes via main roads.  But that’s the boring route. Let me show you the 2 hour route, which is not only beautiful, but it’s a great walk to take with God in prayer. 

(some of the pics are panoramas, and must be clicked on the fully appreciate)

Which would you take? The long and boring route beside highly trafficked city streets, or the slow and scenic route through nature?

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iPhone Photo Blog

Check out the photo blog today ( – click here to visit). We had a great time at the lake. The kids fed a few deer and geese, Brittnee caught a gosling (much to the distress of its parents), and all of us were shocked when a brown bear passed 10 yards in front of us (I didn’t get pics of that one – was too busy determining if I could outrun the kids to the water).

Great day!