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The Uniqueness of Christianity

Where else can a person who causes unimaginable destruction, in so many ways, and who has no possible way of paying for all the bad things he has done, be completely forgiven? What hope would such a person have, outside of Christ? And without hope, won’t that person just keep causing destruction? If there is no way out, why not? Only because of Christ can such a person have their debt paid by God Himself. It has nothing to do with works. There is absolutely no way the “sinner” in this case can pay for his sin. He is helpless to redeem himself. His only hope comes from having his debt paid by another.


Opening the “Sex” Series at

On February 6, 2011, I spoke at to open their latest series, on the topic of sex.  Located in the Bible Belt, Ignite has been getting a lot of feedback – some positive, a lot negative – regarding the banners they have been publicly displaying to advertise the series.  The opening lines of this video display some of that feedback.

I opened the series by sharing the story of what God has done in my life.  We go behind the scenes of porn to reveal how fake it really is, and discuss God’s grace and forgiveness, as well as how He can use all things for good, restoring broken lives.  If someone you know is addicted to porn, ask them to check out this video.  It just might change the way they see it.

For those who would prefer to download an audio file, here is a recent one from the Calvary Fellowship “Renew Your Mind” Men’s Conference:

click here to play it, or right click and download it