Donny's Ramblings

Through the Bible Twice a Year

The Bible is not a spotlight to be used to shine the light on what needs to be changed in other people.  It is instead a mirror to hold up to ourselves, reflecting what needs to change within us.  I am a person who needs its help more than any other.

For that reason, I’ve read through the Bible a total of 22 times (as of the end of 2017): 19 times in English, three in Spanish.  Plan #1, below, is the plan I used for the last 15 of those times (not included in this plan are the 7 books of the Apocrypha, which I also enjoy reading).  Reading the Bible is a joy, and has become a habit.  I’ve read through it in more than 8 different translations, and plan to continue following this plan in several more translations.

For a less intensive reading plan, Plan #2 takes you through the Old Testament once per year and the New Testament twice per year.

Download the PDF Files Here:

  1. Bible Reading Plan #1: Entire Bible Twice Per Year
  2. Bible Reading Plan #2: Old Testament Once Per Year, New Testament Twice Per Year



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